Design Options Visualized

Having an idea of design is not just a thought, but a process. When I design in Sketchup, I usually try out a lot of different ideas. 

For instance when I designed the podium for ÅWL Arkitekter, the main goal was to have a design that would work along with another display stand I designed for them earlier. 

Having a 3D model of your design is crucial both for visualizing your ideas, but convincing your client of the direction of the design. 

In this design task, besides evaluating materials and idiom, there was the challenge of how to present corporate identity, such as business cards, folders and USB's 

Design is not just a thought, but a process 

Using rendered options, me and the client could choose from a variety of designs, rather than making the podium first and then see how the items would be presented. 


Design from idea to produce in reality

Last summer I designed and made three exhibition stands for my own designed bags. It was a retrospective to show the origin in my design. 

The exhibition was held in Scandic Malmen at Götgatan Stockholm and the design process started with modeling the window display to make sure everything would fit. This was done in Sketchup and was later used as a production drawing for the stands, making sure everything would match. 

The stands where made by me in the basement of my apartment building since I always had in mind the quotation "if you want something to be done right do it yourself"  

Having a 3D model increases the quality of the exhibition, and could be used for visualization and idea process.

What you draw is what you get

Nordiska Kompaniet – shopfront design

The beginning of 2017 I modeled Nordiska Kompaniet window at Hamngatan to Annaleena Leino-Karlsson Her exhibition was a representation of the Scandinavian kitchen 

The model was made in SketchUp along with the furnitures in it and where  then used for illustration and design process. 

The shopfront was built from 2D-pdf drawings and then fully scaled to see proportions. I have found that using a 3d-model is a powerful tool that increases the quality of the design.

The advantages of using a textured model are astounding, since Sketchup offers " in-model texturing", meaning the model can be sent to anyone without loosing any texture along the way. 

See all shopfronts here

BIM + Art = True

The advantages of using a 3d-model when designing is astounding.

When I designed this showcase/artwork for ÅWL Arkitekter AB the 3d model was used through the whole design and manufacturing process.

It went from an early concept drawing, made in SketchUp, that I later on presented to the carpenters. I then redesigned it to fit a construction problem and delivered CAD drawings of each box unfolded. So that a CNC router could cut the material and the sculpture be assembled. No paper drawings needed.

Going from idea to reality is really inspiring.